We also seek workshop proposals relating to the conference themes. Workshops may extend for either a full or a half day, and they will be held on the first and last days of the conference (15th and 19th April 2024). The workshops will provide an opportunity to invite a broader audience, including those working in the marine renewable energy development industry, regulators and policy-makers, and consultancies.

Workshops may include invited speakers, papers, and panels. The structure of workshops is not fixed, and proposers may design it as they think best, however we will support organisers with insight and delivery where required.  We particularly encourage proposals for highly interactive and collaborative workshops, rather than mini-conferences, consider allowing position papers, and focus on a lively discussion after the presentation(s), which can be conducted physically or virtually, to foster new ideas and gather feedback, rather than solely defending the presented work.

Workshop proposals should be authored by at least two organizers, preferably from different institutions, and they should contain the following three sections and address each corresponding point:

  1. Organizers
  • Name: organizers’ full names
  • Contact information: affiliations, job titles, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, URLs, and phone
  1. Workshop content
  • Title: workshop title and acronym
  • Abstract: max 150 words describing the workshop (suitable for the conference’s website)
  • Topics and motivation: What are the topics, themes, importance and areas of interest of the workshop?
  • EIMR theme(s) the workshop will be addressing
  1. Goals and expected results:
  • Explicitly state the goals of the workshop and how you intend to reach them
  • What are the expected results of the workshop?
  1. Format:
  • What is the planned workshop format (paper presentations, working sessions, lightning talks, demonstrations, etc.)?
  • What will be done to stimulate collaborative interaction?